Tips For Driving Safely in the Rain

Reduce Accidents With Driving Tips From Creation World Safety

At Creation World Safety, we are committed to helping you prevent workplace accidents and injuries with real solutions. As your top source for corporate safety training, health & safety courses, and more, our Los Angeles consulting & training services go beyond just our area—we work with companies and corporations of all sizes nationwide. Creation World Safety is pleased to bring you the following tips for driving during a rain shower or storm, so you can provide your workers with the tools they need to remain safe at all times.

Slow Down

Whether it’s just a soft rain shower, or a heavy downpour, always drive more slowly when roadways are wet. Slippery roads cause thousands of auto accidents each year, and the faster you drive, the more likely you are to hydroplane or wreck. Slow your speed when rain starts to fall to keep yourself and other drivers safe.

Turn On Your Lights

Rain reduces visibility on the road—both for you and other drivers. Always turn on your headlights when it’s raining to help yourself see better, and so that other drivers can see you. Avoid using high beams in the rain, as this can blind other drivers and also reduce your visibility.

Defrost Your Windshield

Rain can cause your windshield and windows to fog up quickly, so turn on your front and back defrosters to ensure you have a clear view of the road.

Brake Sooner & Slower

Always keep yourself at a safe distance behind other cars. If you need to brake when the roads are wet, do so earlier and more slowly than you usually would. This will alert the drivers behind you to slow down as well, and reduce your risk of hydroplaning or sliding.

Pull Over If Necessary

It is better to be safe than to continue driving in certain severe weather conditions. If the rain is extremely heavy and you can barely see the road and other vehicles, pull over and wait until it lets up.

Watch Closely For Pedestrians

If you a driving in a city or another area where pedestrians are likely to be, keep a close watch for people walking near the road or crossing the street. Not only is your visibility reduced during a rainstorm—pedestrians may be carrying an umbrella or wearing a hood that blocks their view of the road.

Know What To Do If You Hydroplane

If you feel your vehicle starting to lose traction and slide, avoid turning the steering wheel or braking suddenly. Instead, slowly ease off the gas, and keep the steering wheel straight until your vehicle corrects itself. If you must brake, do so with light taps on the pedal. Never slam on your brakes when hydropaning, as this could cause you to skid off the road.

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