Corporate Safety Training

The primary objective of Creation World Safety services is to provide our clients with the highest quality of service while exceeding all safety and quality expectations. The management at Creation World Safety strives to meet the following stringent safety expectations:

  • Minimize the number and frequency of jobsite accidents and incidents
  • Promote a risk free environment for our employees and clients
  • Maintain the highest safety standards achievable
  • Motivate employees to raise their safety awareness
  • Increase the morale of workers by providing a safer and more healthful work environment
  • Participate in the further development of our Clients Safety Program


At Creation World Safety we endeavor to provide our clients with:

  • Cost effective solutions
  • A trained and productive workforce and supervisory staff
  • Safe and knowledgeable supervisors
  • Supervisors that utilize proven techniques to motivate workers in safe work practices

We encourage our clients’ involvement and participation in all aspects of our quest to maintain the highest possible safety standards. Safety equipment, procedures, and training are essential to our goal of minimizing all possible risks to our employees and those of our client’s. Our commitment to safety is a total effort of training, attitude, awareness, and involvement. With us, the safety and health of all employees are top priority. Therefore, the success of our safety program is dependent upon our clients’ commitment to maintain a safe work environment

Corporate/Construction/Industrial Services

Full or Part Time Safety, Health and Environmental Consulting Services

Full or Part Time Safety, Health and Environmental Consulting Services

Our consultants are experts in a wide range of procedures and regulations concerning health, safety and environmental as pertains to the refining, chemical, and petrochemical industries. Creation World Safety can help you with special projects and match our internal talents to fit the customer’s needs. Some of the consulting projects we’ve been involved with include:

  • Loss Control Management
  • Safety Curriculum Development
  • Trainers for Customer-Developed Curriculum
  • Planners, schedulers for Construction and Refineries
  • Lead Abatement
  • Forklift , Scissor lift, Aerial lift, Boom lift
  • Fall Protection, Safety Harness Inspection
  • Operators for Refineries
  • Safety Store Equipment and Material
  • IIPP Manual- Review, Update and Create
  • Multi-Gas Meter Training
  • Warehouse and Material Personnel
Safety and Project Managers

Safety and Project Managers

One of the reasons that Creation World Safety is such a successful organization is that our Safety and Project Managers are experienced and highly trained. Our managers appropriately guide, mentor and manage our crews to assure the functional productivity of our workforce.

OSHA Workplace Audits

OSHA Workplace Audits

Mock OSHA inspections and mock OSHA audits along with review of your overall safety programs will help your company to identify gaps or oversight in your programs. Independent safety audits frequently reveal items that the company would never have noticed until an actual OSHA inspection occurred or an employee was either seriously or fatally injured.Independent mock OSHA inspection or audits of your safety programs, training, and effectiveness is extremely helpful to identify weak areas of a safety program, safety training, safety documentation, and other issues.

Material Management / Warehousing

Material Management / Warehousing

Comprehensive services and personnel to boost efficiency and cut costs. Services include but not limited to:

  • Positive material identification including validating material matches PO or requisition
  • Identify material as standard or specialized
  • Confirms that orders are complete and match the work order or scope of work
  • Deliver material to appropriate location within the facility.
Tailgate Meetings

Tailgate Meetings

Tailgate meetings are sometimes referred to as toolbox talks, and are a method of providing continuous safety information and support to employees. The topics of discussion are either selected from recent incidents that occurred within the company and are held to correct behaviors and actions; or from a list of potential problems or hazards that can arise while the employees are working; or, as is commonly the case, from both. These toolbox talks are often conducted by outside safety personnel and are a service that can be provided for you from Creation World.

Injury and Illness Prevention Plans (IIPP’s)

Injury and Illness Prevention Plans (IIPP’s)

In California every employer has a legal obligation to provide and maintain a safe and healthful workplace for employees, according to the California Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1973. As of 1991, a written, effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) is required for every California employer. The IIPP manual describes the employers’ responsibilities in establishing, implementing, maintaining, an IIPP, and is designed to help employers provide better workplace protection for their employees, and to reduce losses resulting from accidents and injuries. It also outlines steps that can be taken to develop an effective Program.

If you would like to upload a file for us to review and/or update, please upload here.

Safety Personnel Services

Safety Attendants (Firewatch and Holewatch Attendants)

Safety Attendants (Firewatch and Holewatch Attendants)

There are often an overwhelming number of safety attendants on large projects with each contractor supplying their own safety personnel. Some may have received sufficient training, but most have little. This can actually impede the safety effort, and produce inconsistent results, all the while it placing more people on projects than is necessary.

Our better- trained more mobile force can reduce loss.

Creation World Safety provides attendants who are cross-trained in fire-watch, confined space attendant, and labor. This allows our attendants to be more versatile and mobile. They can be deployed immediately to any contractor or project that needs safety attendants. Each of our attendants receives extensive pre-training, behavioral training, on-the-job training and site specific training. We provide the consistency, versatility and mobility necessary to reduce loss. Our attendants perform the same tasks consistently over and over. This repetition of tasks results in safety fluency.

Cross-Trained Laborers Working In Safety-Sensitive Environments

Most of our customer’s projects involve the mobilization and demobilization of equipment, tools/personal protective equipment and other devices. Creation World safety attendant/laborers are invaluable as a labor source during these stages of a project. They are also trained to work with other laborers to ensure that the job is finished and that housekeeping is completed.

Confined Space / Rescue Team Specialists

Confined Space / Rescue Team Specialists

One of the most inherently dangerous jobs in the petrochemical industry involves work within confined spaces. During a turnaround or plant outage the most visibly dramatic work receives the most attention, while confined space work often goes unmonitored. Typically, a confined space is checked at the beginning of a shift when little or no work is being performed. Monitoring inside the space is periodic except for the mechanical supervisor and workers. It usually isn’t until the end of the work scope that operations and technical inspectors enter to “sign off” on the work performed.

Creation World Safety has created the position of Confined Space Specialist to focus on the safety of those working in confined spaces.

Our specialists rely upon experience and knowledge to verify that all requirements on the confined space entry permit and safe work practices are being met. This is the minimum requirement allowed. Our specialists go even further and may take corrective actions or make recommendations to assure a safe work environment within the space. All information is then compiled in audit form and passed to subsequent shifts and to those working in same conditions elsewhere on the site.



Occasionally our customers require a HAZWOPER trained labor force based on the 29 CFR 1910.120 definitions. Creation World Safety provides trained and experienced laborers to perform such tasks as:

  • Clean up operations at uncontrolled waste sites
  • Clean-up operations at RCRA sites
  • Hazardous waste operations at treatment, storage and disposal sites, green jobs
  • Emergency response operational needs
Emergency First-Aid Specialists

Emergency First-Aid Specialists

The emergency medical personnel we provide include Emergency Medical Technicians and Medical First Responders. Creation World Safety fully supports our client’s efforts to provide quality initial emergency treatment along with the following:

  • Follow-up Treatment (if needed)
  • Documentation and Injury Tracking
  • Proper Reporting and Management Notification
  • Assistance in Medical Case Management
Permit Specialists

Permit Specialists

Because of the volume of work permits that must be generated during a plant outage, the issuance of permits can become bottlenecked and slow work down. The permitting “overload” can also affect the safety of a project. Creation World Safety recognized this problem and initiated Permit Specialists to assist with facilitating the permitting procedure.

We help your permit departments when they need help the most.

Our Permit Specialists familiarize themselves with your internal permitting procedures prior to the scheduled outage. Our specialists are trained and tested in the issuance of confined space, hot work and general work permits, freeing your department to handle the volume of routine permits. With our specialized assistance you can issue permits on a timelier basis without creating “downtime” due to workers waiting for permits. Our Permit Specialists are also qualified as Safety Specialists so that they can conduct safety audits/inspections during non-peak permitting periods.

Safety Specialists/Observers

Safety Specialists/Observers

The development, implementation and maintenance of quality safety audits/inspections are performed best when control and repetition are part of the inspector’s daily tasks. Our safety specialists operate within the confines of inspections and audits, and therefore, are not distracted by additional supervisory responsibilities

We provide more consistent and accurate reporting.

The auditors/inspectors provided by Creation World Safety are seasoned professionals. Because we provide objective, unbiased third party services you can be assured of consistent and accurate reporting. We provide the following services:

  • Daily site audits/inspections
  • Weekly site audits/inspections
  • Comprehensive periodic audits/inspections
  • Custom audits/inspections based on client needs

Creation World Safety Specialists provide a unique classification of Safety Observers who are knowledgeable in petrochemical plant procedures, safe work practices, and work permits, as well as contractor work practices and compliance. They can seamlessly augment any safety department’s program.

Our observers recognize potentially dangerous behavior or activity and provide data for immediate or future use.

Creation World Safety’s Observers unobtrusively watch workers perform their tasks and are authorized to stop work immediately and notify craft supervision of any imminent or potential danger. Both safe and “at risk” data is collected from the team of observers. Data is then assimilated into categories such as PPE use, body positioning, tools/equipment, policy/procedures, communication, line of fire and any other categories that have been determined by the plant owner or project team. Feedback is provided to supervision for dissemination to work crews.

Flagger and Traffic Control

Flagger and Traffic Control

Our flaggers receive comprehensive training in safe traffic control practices. Flaggers are placed at work zones to safely stop traffic as needed, maintain safe and continuous traffic flow, reduce speeds and protect work crews. Flaggers communicate instructions clearly, firmly, and courteously; move and maneuver quickly, provide signaling devices for positive guidance and direction to the traveling public. Flaggers hear, see, and recognize dangerous traffic situations and warn workers in sufficient time to avoid injury.

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It is Creation World’s guiding principal that all accidents and injuries are preventable. Creation World has the obligation for providing a safe and healthful workplace. Each employee has a personal and vital responsibility to work safely.

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