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OSHA 10 HOUR: Course Outline

We Work Hard To Keep You Safe

It is important to learn what to look out for when working on a construction site or within a confined space. At Creation Safety, our job is to give you the resources you need in order to take proper precautions and actions in the case of an emergency. We understand the risks that come with the jobs at hand including injury or even death and we do what we can to prevent these things from happening with proper education and evaluations from the most qualified people in the field.

Safety Persons In The Field

Our first rule is that you should never work alone. A Firewatch/ Holewatch is what we refer to as “safety persons in the field”. This means that whenever you are working with welding equipment within a confined space or in any area where there is potential for fire hazard, you are being spotted and have someone there for an emergency.

What Your Training Will Include

Our trainers are all in compliance with OSHA safety guides and regulations and will be on site to make sure that you are safe in the following areas:

  • Ensure that safety guards are in place
  • Confined spaces have been properly ventilates and safe guarded
  • Extinguishers are in place
  • First Aid kits are located
  • Exits are marked
  • Proper Person Protective Equipment is worn
  • All combustible material is removed from space and any adjacent space

Schedule Your Lessons Today

To schedule a time to work with a trainer, contact Creation World Safety today! Our staff is always available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have so call us or email us at mark@creationsafety.com today.